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This is our personal story which inspired us to spread the freshness and goodness of specialty grade coffee with others

It all started out of my personal quest to find a coffee that my wife, who couldn’t enjoy coffee because of its after effects like heartburn and acidic bitter taste. We had tried multiple brands, ranging from grocery to big brand coffees, but she was not able to enjoy these for the same reason.

It wasn’t until we started doing some research about coffee and its properties, that we realized that time of roast, flavor shelf life, and the bean itself were some of the key variables for an enjoyable cup of coffee. We found that specialty green coffee bean that is carefully grown, harvested and freshly roasted does not generate the usual coffee after effects. After experiencing the freshly roasted specialty coffee, we were finally able to share the joy of drinking a good cup of coffee together.

That is how the idea of marketing these premium beans was born, with the goal of spreading awareness about the fact that coffee can be more enjoyable than a compromised routine, and focusing on delivering an authentic and fresh taste without the effects that may drive people away from coffee.

At Hermon Hill, we offer specialty grade coffee beans exclusively, and roast them on demand to keep them fresh for quality and taste for coffee lovers like you. We are here to raise the bar when it comes to quality, while firmly standing next to our social commitments, by dedicating part of our profits to helping those who need our help. We support the under privileged children around the world attain a sustainable lifestyle along with nutrition, education and shelter so that they can grow to achieve their dreams while being nourished and cared for. At the same time, we remember the veterans who fought for our country and would like them to be able to stand back up and become self-sufficient.

We believe in taking care of the future and helping those who protected us and our beliefs, while enjoying a good cup of coffee. This is how our story started and we continue to passionately work to keep igniting your senses, hoping that while you are sipping down a nice cup of Hermon Hill coffee, you are reminded to take a deep breath and just enjoy the world around you, wherever you are.

With Love
Rohin & Jemy